Thursday, 25 September 2014

Problem Solvers

Sharing Our Ideas

Students worked in small groups to create a "3P" that would represent them.  It was important to listen to each other's ideas and to use kind words.  The result? Some very creative wall art!  Take a look ...

Note the use of Harmony's school colours ... and a soccer ball because "we all love soccer!"

These boys worked together to be creative with all of the materials provided.  Very colourful!

These girls traded to get extra cupcake liners for their "fancy" edging!

The boys traded away as much as they could in order to get the biggest button collection!  Teamwork!

Great suggestion to get everyone's name on a flag, and then fill the page with hearts made of different materials.

Drawing Straws!

How many triangles can you make with 9 straws?  
How many rectangles can you make with 12 straws?
How many triangles and rectangles can you make with 15 straws?

Students were told to work together and find unusual possibilities.  Would you believe one group made over 25 rectangles?  Having a chance to share creative thinking enabled more groups to try new ways.  Take a look at these samples:

Monday, 15 September 2014

Welcome to a new year!

After 1 week of waiting, we are in our temporary new home!  We've been busy all week getting to know our teacher and our new routines.  

Monday, 14 July 2014

Summer fun!

Looking through the gates on Parliament Hill

Not travelling far this summer?
Here are a few creative activities you can do close to home and use skills you learned in Grade 3.

1.  Photography ... take photos using different angles, close-ups, or even from behind! 
Niagara Falls

Sipping morning coffee on the dock!

2.  Rubbings  ... keep crayons and blank paper handy to make a rubbing of information plaques or interesting signs you might find.

Information  on the original Peace Tower bell. 
Making a crayon rubbing.
Information on City Hall.



Heron at the river's edge.
3.  Keep track of the wildlife you see over the summer!

A butterfly on the bench.
At the Frink Centre

Chipmunk on my deck.

Spider just hangin' around!

Have fun exploring in our community.  Let us know what you find!

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Winter Reading Is Fun!

There's something special about sitting down with a good story on a cold winter's day!  We've been deepening our understanding of what we're reading by making personal connections to a variety of texts - about winter!

Ali wrote:  Snowmen at Night reminds me of when I made a snowman because it wasn't the best, but it was still a good snowman.  I like this book because the snowmen come to life when you go to be and when you wake up they come back.  It makes me wonder what they really do at night!

Shea wrote:  The Mitten reminds me of when I lost my mitten once at school.  I thought I lost it for ever!  So I did not cry when I saw it - I was happy!  In the story, Nicky lost his mitten but he found it too.

What's something that you enjoy reading these days?
If you need some ideas, why not check out these e-books on Tumblebooks using our Belleville Public Library link.


Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Showing Our Thinking

We know that to better understand a text, good readers connect the author’s ideas to what they already know.
Last month, we viewed seasonal stories, and then applied our ideas to the following questions. 

 How do the Grinch’s feelings about the “Whos” in “Whoville” change from the beginning of the story to the end?  

Use information from the story and your own ideas to support your answer.

Zubair wrote:
The Grinch’s feelings change in the story.  First, the Grinch was jealous because he was feeling left out.  Later on, he was surprised when he stole all the Whos’ things and they were still singing.  Finally the Grinch go included and now he feels that he belongs in the Whos’ community.  

Duncan wrote:
The Grinch’s feelings toward the Whos in Whoville change.
At first, the Grinch hates the Whos, because they’re celebrating Christmas without him.  He wants to ruin Christmas, but he doesn’t know how.
Then, he feels excited, because of the plan he made.  It worked, and he stole every single Christmas related thing in Whoville, and he was feeling happy.  Then he took all the presents up to his cave.
Finally, the Grinch waits to hear them cry.  But instead, he hears singing that sounds glad.  He tries to figure out what he did wrong, but he stole everything, and he didn’t mess up a tiny bit.  He then realized that he didn’t stop Christmas, it just came.  His heart grew, and he returned all the presents, and had dinner with the Whos in Whoville.  And he cut the Roast Beast, and was involved in Christmas.  He felt happy and involved. 

Good friends help each other, even though it might be difficult.  Explain how we know that Frosty and Karen are good friends.  Justify your own ideas with examples from the story.

 Hudson wrote:
Good friends help each other.  Karen helped Frosty by going to the North Pole even though she would get cold.  Frosty helped Karen warm up even though he would melt.  

Ali wrote:
Frosty and Karen show they can be good friends.  Firstly, Karen did go on the train to save Frosty even though she got cold and got sick.  Frosty saved Karen’s life by getting off the train and risking his life for Karen even though Frosty melted to a puddle.

Shea wrote:
Karen and Frosty show different ways to be good friends.  At first Karen went to the North Pole with Frosty so he will not melt, even though Karen got cold.  Frosty made a fire, even though he might melt because Frosty would not let Karen die.  Karen and Santa made Frosty again so he could not ever die.  Well, unless he melts again.  

Explain how “The Snowman” is similar but different to another snowman story you know.  Use information from the video-story and your own ideas to support your answer.

Keira wrote:
The 2 snowman stories (Frosty and The Snowman) are similar and different.  Firstly, they both come to life, by a hat or a magic midnight hour.  Also, the 2 snowmen become friends with the person that made them, such as, Karen from Frosty.  However, they are different by the kinds of magic, such as one snowman can fly and also by the ways they come to life.  Another way is that one movie does not have sound and the other does.  

 Tanja wrote:
The 2 snowmen are similar but also different.  Firstly, they both have Santa.  However in Frosty, Santa saves Frosty but in the other one Santa gives the boy a gift.  Also, they both have kids, but in Frosty there’s lots of kids but this one has only one.  However one has a hat that makes Frosty come to life but the other has a magic time such as 12:00.  

Healthy Snack Idea

Looking for a snack to make together?  
Here are 2 treats we made and enjoyed on the last day of classes, in December.
You need: 
half a banana, 3 strawberries
2 oval crackers (arrowroot), chocolate cream cheese, round pretzels, raisins

For the candy cane
Slice the banana and strawberries.  Use toothpicks to hold slices together in a pattern. 

For the reindeer:
Spread cream cheese evenly on the crackers.  
Add pretzels for the antlers and use raisins for the face. 
Note:  Peanut butter or WOW butter could be substituted for the cream cheese.  Craisins, peanuts, or cheerios could also be used for the face.    

Co-operation = Winners All!

A challenge was sent out to all classes to decorate a door for the Festive Season. After experimenting with different facial expressions and clothing, we each designed our own unique snowman. 

After that, we created buildings, trees and little critters for the snowman community.  Keira painted the sky, then Jacob and Hunter added snowflake-stars.  
Another group glued everything on and decided on a title.  


Snowman-Ville was recognized for the Primary door competition.  

Congratulations everyone!